Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Potty Time

Finally the weather is warm, which means less clothes to wash and wear and potty training time for little C has begun. Just look at this adorable and unique handpainted throne I found!
Since this is not my first time around the block with potty training, I've gathered some of my son's books and with a trip to the library, I've come up with this list of:
Favorite Potty Training Books
1. Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi- All creatures great and small need to eat...and poop.
2. I Want My Potty by Tony Ross- Through trial and error, a little princess finally learns to use the potty.
3. My Big Girl Potty by Joanna Cole- A girl learns to use the toilet with some help from her favorite stuffed bunny. (also available as a boy's version with a stuffed bear). I must add that Joanna Cole is the grandmother of one of my son's Kindergarten peers. She came in to his class and Personally autographed I'm A Big Brother for him. She has written so many wonderful and helpful books for children. Thanks Joanna!
4. Once Upon A Potty by Alona Frankel- Straight talk about taking the big step from diapers to potty. This one's a TRUE classic.
5. Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Tot by Bruce Lansky- Fun songs and rhymes for toilet training ( a cd version is also available).
6. The Potty Train by David Hochman and Ruth Kennison- Time to say goodbye to diapers and take the journey to underpants station. Because all little ones are so fascinated with trains.
7. Have You Seen My Potty? by Mij Kelly- Suzy Sue has something important to do but someone has snatched her potty away. Can you help her find her potty?
There are so many great potty training books out there. For a good dose of humor, instruction and inspiration, I recommend these for introducing potty training to the whole family. Please let me know in the comments if I've missed any of your favorites.


  1. Thanks so much for these recommendations. We're going to begin potty training my little girl soon, so this is great! I also love the hand paintedthrone!

  2. Great Potty Chair! The Baby Signs Potty Training Kit worked in just over a week with my stubborn two year old. The Parent Handbook is wonderful for all types of families (they actually give tips based on your parenting style) and the kids' board book and DVD is loved by my boys. I'm now using this kit with my 16 month old and he's loving it.

    I love the "Everyone Poops" book as well! Great choices!

  3. Time to Pee! by Mo Willems is a fun PT book. It has a removable sticker chart with little mice holding up encouraging signs.

  4. Thanks Everyone! It's funny because I was just reading Jill's post at the Well Read Child about Mo Willems book: Watch Me Throw the Ball and thinking of getting it. Now I have 2 Mo Willems to check out.

  5. Thanks so much for featuring my hand painted "throne." It really does help in the potty training process to have all the right tools. Just finishing up this process (I hope) with my own son.

  6. I never thought about using books to help with potty training. I have no idea why - I use them for everything else - perhaps because our little one is too small (6 months!) so not quite ready. Am keeping this list handy though. And loving the sound of the Mo Willems book!


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