Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holidays and Family Stories

Originally, I picked out Aunt Claire's Yellow Beehive Hair for the fun title and cover-art, but after reading it I thought it would be the perfect book to share for the holiday season. Many families will gather together this season and swap stories about the past and those family members who came before us. This wonderful picture book celebrates family history with warmth, humor and a fondness for those who have passed.
Grandma Marilyn and Great Aunt Ray take Annie on a hunt for old photos, letters and trinkets and tell her the stories which tie them all together, sustaining the family tree.

I had to laugh because the description of Aunt Claire from her photograph reminded me of you, Nancy. Aunt Claire sold face creams and lipsticks that she cooked up in silver pots in her kitchen. She swore that her magic flower creams would make women so beautiful, no one would recognize them! I remember all the times you made me try concocted face masks of avocado or yogurt, herbal steams, healing oils and tinctures...and all the great make-up/make-over tips!
The author, Deborah Blumenthal has actually written several books and articles on beauty and fitness and quite a few books for young readers as well. Her writing in this book is magical and brilliant, like a dream.
The art for this book reminded me of Inside The Slidy Diner, with its vibrant, expressive illustrations of colorful and unique characters. Then I recognized the name Mary Grand Pre of Harry Potter fame!

Here is one of her amazing illustrations of Grandma holding a photo that "she can't look at for too long." It shows "men whose faces make her eyes turn sad." "They left home to fight a war," she says, "but they never came back and saw their families again."

This is a reminder of how important it is to keep the family history alive for our children.

Now I'm inspired to start my own family scrapbook.


  1. I'm still whipping up face creams : ) I love those zany characters- too bad we don't have any of those in our family! LOL

  2. I know, you are the Beauty Makeover Queen. Mom always tells the story of how you played Beauty Shop when we were little and you managed to stick red bows in my hair...even when I had no hair yet!

    It's funny because some of those characters look too familiar!

  3. Thanks for recommending this titles. Looks like a zany yet heart-warming read--I love that kind of quirky combination.

  4. That is a fun title and cover.

    Stopping by to say hi from the comment challenge.

  5. Great! Thanks Taradawn and Steven for stopping by. I can't wait to get in some blog reading tonight : )

  6. This looks like a good one. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. I love Aunt Claire too and was so glad that it came back from out-of-printdom.


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