Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Little Yellow Leaf

If you love the crisp fall weather and glorious falling leaves all around, you must read The Little Yellow Leaf by Carin Berger. This book with its aesthetically modern mixed media collage and lyrical verse is like the best pumpkin pie recipe you've ever tried. You can taste each organic ingredient in just the right proportion.

The story tells us of a little leaf that is not yet ready to fall from the tree. It holds fast as "A chill filled the air... and the sun sank slow." Many leaves had fallen and were swirling in the wind, yet the little, lone, yellow leaf just couldn't let go. Until... it spied a lone scarlet leaf and together, they floated away. I'm hearing Dione Warwick and Stevie Wonder singing, That's What Friends Are For in my head right now. OK my short summary of the story sounds hokey, but trust me this book is lovely.

Now about that pumkin pie! My friend Amy has a recipe she swears is fool proof and she is sharing it with those of us culinary challenged folks at And as a, falling leaves, pumpkin pie, Thanksgiving-time tie-in, I will include this photo of two adorable Thanksgiving Pilgrims. Kim got my previous year's Halloween costume and April's mom loved it so much she made one for her little girl. Mind you the year was probably 1976? But Pilgrims probably didn't look that different over 300 years earlier. Hah!


  1. OMG! That's funny, I got your hand-me-downs :) I wonder if you actually picked that outfit out of the Butterick catalog at the sewing-shop(where mom used to take us). Or did she?
    That book looks beautiful and modern, the kind of kids book you can leave on the coffee table and it will look good with the home decor...faux-bois et all. And the story sounds sweet too.
    Good choice Nancy (I mean, er......
    on the book!)

  2. Right the sewing-shop! In the days when it was more affordable to make your clothes then buy them. You'd really like this new book and be sure to check out the author/illustrator's site.

  3. Sounds great. And cute picture! At the K presentation this year they just made everything out of white paper and white trash bag aprons! (though it's actually pretty doubtful any so-called "pilgrims" wore anything like this until they'd been here 100 years or so).

  4. That's funny- the kids were sill cute I'm sure. I have a love-hate relationship with plastic.

  5. I like a summary that sounds hokey. Hokey is underrated! The cover art is beautiful.

  6. The photo is adorable! Love the book and will look for it for our collection.

  7. I like goofy and hokey too : )
    I'm going to ask our library to get this new book. It has a timeless quality.


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