Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

On Thanksgiving I wanted a quote to read and reflect before we raise our forks and knives to feast, so I chose one by Annabelle Woodard. I hope you like it. I had to post this picture of my little Indian Maiden. She wore her seagull feather headdress all day.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Father-Mother of the Universe, in the beauty of Your Presence we give thanks for family and friends and for the clan of man. Nourish our bodies with these gifts of the earth and our minds with the thoughts sparkling among us. We will that our personal will be in atonement with the Divine as our Spirits bow in awe and wonder of the great Unseen.

These Things

Rivers and ocean

Clear nights to roam,

The seas ceaseless motion,

White churning foam.

Tall trees and boulders

New, spring-green leaves,

Days growing colder

I have loved these.

Bird's song at daybreak,

Heavy dewed lawns

Hour of sun-wake

Listening fawns.

Twinkly, starry eyes

Fall fire's ember

Gulls in gray ocean sky

Mine to remember.

-Annabelle Woodard


  1. This is beautiful writing...I'm not so sure about "days growing colder" though...
    D came home from kindergarten with the same outfit and kept his feather headband on all day too. They got to choose Pilgrim or Indian wear and he told me he didn't like the big belt around the pilgrim hats!
    That's such a sweet photo :)
    Happy Thanksgiving


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