Saturday, October 4, 2008

Monsters on Machines

A whole week has passed since I brought this book home from the Kidlit'08 Conference in Portland and it hasn't gone a day without being read. I suspect my 5 year old has it memorized already and his favorite food this week (Surprise) ....... it's elbow macaroni/ AKA Monsteroni in our house!

Here's an excerpt from Deb Lund's new book,

From her basket she pulls out a black iron pot. It smells really good-like it's starting to rot."Mama, tell us what's in there!" they cry. "Pretty please?" "It's your favorite," she says. "Monsteroni and cheese! Remember your manners. Sit up now and eat." So they shovel it in with their hands and their feet.
Deb sure has a way with words and knows just how to evoke laughter from kids of all ages.

The illustrator, Robert Neubecker keeps a super busy schedule. Not only is he a fabulous and well-known childrens book illustrator but he also draws for Bill Gates' online zine SLATE twice a week (note the latest is a comic of VP candidate Palin!)

With Halloween quickly approaching, I've been searching for costumes for the kids and I think I just found the perfect one from rozzissweetpeas for my little monster.

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