Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blog the Vote and Nikki McClure

I like to keep a jump on deadlines so I submitted my ballot by mail two weeks ago. For any of you out there reading this, I know you will not forget or be too busy to VOTE! I've been inspired by Mother Reader and her rally to change the status quo***** Note there will be a Blog the Vote roundup on November 3rd at Chasing Ray. I'm also inspired by artist Nikki McClure. She has a traveling show titled, Vote for Survival. It's only up for another week here in San Francisco so I better get on over to needles and pens to see it.

Yes, I know there are a lot of links in this post already, but I'll leave you with yet one more. This one you can listen to on NPR.ORG. As you know I'm a big advocate of reading aloud to children as long as they will let you. And this program in Harlem, as discussed on NPR, is more proof that literacy starts with infancy. More than wealth, more than nutrition, literacy is predictive of a healthy, happy life. VOTE!!! VOTE!!! VOTE!!! VOTE!!! VOTE !!!VOTE!!!

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  1. That is a great NPR conversation. I wasn't expecting it to become so political. Mr Canada makes a lot of important points about the thoughts/ideas of the separate parties and candidates on higher education. I love that he is investing in children even before they are born. We definitely need more of these Harlem Children's education zones across America. It's too bad the children have to be chosen by lottery. Every child deserves to have the best education.


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