Sunday, February 3, 2008


"Boogers are made from dirt, so they're dirty. Even if you line them up neatly like this, they're still dirty."

One of the most annoying toddler behaviors for any parent is booger-eating. Is it enough to say, stop picking you'll get a stomach ache? No, but now I have a secret weapon in Genichiro Yagyu's, The Holes in Your Nose.

Originally published in Japan in 1981 with the first American edition by Kane/Miller in 1994, this title is one of a series called, My Body Science. Other titles in the series by different Japanese authors include, All About Scabs, Contemplating Your Belly Button, The Gas We Pass, Everyone Poops, Breasts, and The Soles of Your Feet. I wish they would come out with a boxed set of this series and maybe add a new one about teeth or something.

This book will make adults smile and probably gross toddlers out. With large drawings, arrows, and diagrams showing mucus, nose hairs, and bloody noses, this book is much more effective then my nagging statements to stop picking! We know that the impressions and feelings inspired by books during childhood remain in the child's conscious mind even after growing up. They are a medium that possess immeasurable potential. Picture books teach moral lessons, show emotions, imaginative situations and factual information. Now if I can just get her to stop picking that scab.


  1. Donovan has that Fart book! Funny. Speaking of childhood impressions...the Struwwelpeter (did I spell it right?!) book we had as kids with the boy who sucked his thumbs...left a huge impression on my psyche!

  2. Oh how I wish I had young children still LOL. We did have tons of books when they were young but nothing like this.


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