Monday, June 14, 2010

Congratulations to my 6-year-old nephew whose band The Legos just won a professional studio session with their original song at an LA battle of the bands competition!!!!

In honor of your new hipster status D, I'm sending you a copy of Alternative ABC'S (Chunky Edition) to read to your little bro.
This is the ABCs book for future skaters and rock guitarists but also for earth lovers and environmentalists!

Look for it in the mail soon Kim xoxoxox


  1. Congratulation to your nephew! The Legos band looks really cool...thanks for the mention:)

  2. D says :"Thanks Aunt Nancy!!!"
    This is a great pick. D loves reading books to his little bro and sis and this is perfect:
    i is for ink, s is for skull, r is for recycle, e is for earth....
    for my super hip kids ;) ha ha!!

  3. So nice!! I hope they´ll have fun in their studio session

  4. Yes, they'll be recording today, thanks! i just heard their generation being referred to as the "NOW" gen.
    It's funny and true because whenever Little C asks me for something and I say "ok, but wait just a minute for me to finish blah blah blah...she says "No. Now Now now!!"
    These kids today are so smart and strong willed. They are NOW!

  5. Great song! That would be fun to illustrate :)

  6. Hi, I really enjoy your blog and have awarded you the Versatile Blogger award! Here's the link:

  7. Thanks Margo! We'll work on the links and pass it on : )


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