Monday, May 10, 2010

Children's Book Week Poster

I hope everyone had a joyful Mother's Day! Today kicks off Children's Book Week and this year you can send away for this poster by Jon Muth. How nice it would be to have Stillwater around the house to read to the children... Hmmm in my make believe world, like the Land of Make Believe as Fred Rogers would have it. (But maybe not as scary as some of those puppets.)

There is a book out titled 75 years if Children's Book Week Posters: Celebrating Great Illustrators of American Children's Books by Leonard Marcus if you're inclined to start collecting. This should be a good week around the kidslit blogs and here is a page with CBC activities and events. Enjoy the week!


  1. What a beautiful poster--thanks for the tip!

  2. This is a nice one! Ha!! Reminds me of the panda pillow-pet that C keeps asking for. Have your kids seen those pillow-pet commercials? I think they know how to hynotize kids into wanting.....just like the bendaroos and moonsand we had to get.
    Thanks for all the great links. I will dive in now (:

  3. I know Jennifer, the CBC Book Week posters are really beautiful and collectible.

    And I don't know those commercials Kim but it's funny you bring it up- because Mr. Rogers in 1969 argued for PBS funding because he felt advertising was harmful to children... so true!


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