Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I just received the newly released Love, Splat by Rob Scotton in the mail from Harper Collins Children's Books. It's a sequel to the popular Splat the Cat. Diane Chen, had a wonderful review of Splat at School Library Journal which had me looking forward to receiving Love, Splat. Thanks Elyse and Diane!

When I first pulled the book out of the padded yellow mailer, I immediately noticed the feel of the raised lettering on the book jacket and its 10x10 size. The print quality is wonderful. You can see all the super fine cat hair.

Rob Scotton of Russel the Sheep fame is both the author and artist. I always admire those who are talented and able to do both and Rob does it well. This is my favorite illustration of some of the funny cat characters in Splat's classroom. Braces and coke bottle glasses on a cat?!!!

The story is as sweet as can be and it's actually a Valentines Day love story. It's an easy read for ages 3-7. My five year old son has read it 3 times today. I asked him what his favoite part about the book is and he said it's the ending. So I'll just leave the ending as a surprise for you to read and find out what happens with Splat and Kitty.
Another fun element about Love, Splat is that there are rubber ducks hidden throughout the book. We played a game of counting the hidden ducks before bed and even the baby joined in. We love rubber ducks too Rob!

Below is a little animation from Splat the Cat.


  1. Splat the Cat is a NT Times bestseller. I wonder when the TV show is coming out?

  2. I know, that little youtube clip is cute!

  3. That does look like a cute one! Maybe a good Valentine gift for my kiddos.

  4. Yeah, would make a very cute TV show! Kim, your little guy sure is cute too!

  5. Having worked so hard to find a fitting Valentine's story for Splat - hopefully both funny and cute- I was very pleased to read your thoughts about my book and to hear that it holds your little guy's interest.
    Splat and I wish you a Happy Holiday season and of course a big hug for Valentine's Day.
    Love, Splat!

  6. Hi Lindsay, Yes! I think it'd be a great Valentines gift. My son actually made me a really sweet Valentines card after reading the book. It'll be on the fridge forever :)
    Thanks Corey, he's my little monster!

  7. Rob! My sister and I are both thrilled and honored to have you visit our blog.
    Thank you for the kind words and this wonderful new book that is both funny and cute. I'm already looking forward to the next Splat episode :)
    Wishing Happy Holidays to you and Splat too!


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