Friday, November 23, 2007

Mom Is the Best!

I know it's not officially Mother's Day but given all we do during the holiday season to make sure everyone feels special, and continue traditions or create new ones, I would like to share a few mom-centered links.

If you haven't heard about Scream Free Parenting you might like to check it out. I've found Hal's parenting directives useful and supportive. You can sign-up for the Scream Free Daily, quick and inspiring tips on correcting ...I mean adjusting my attitude.

With all of the political campaigning in-motion you should be aware of Mom's Rising. This is an online "grassroots" organization bringing mom's issues to the forefront of the country's political agenda. By mom's issues I mean healthcare, flexible work options, paid family leave, childcare, and living wages among others. It's time moms had a collective voice in instituting family-friendly legislation.

You may find this site helpful on a local level, Mommasource is a bulletin board for moms to share information advice etc... If you're not already involved in a local Mother's club or are looking for more resources you can sign on.

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  1. What a great resource - scream free parenting - however did you find it?

    Check out the audio book too! It's really good.


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