Thursday, October 7, 2010

From peaceful piggies to peaceful nurseries

In my last post I promised to share a great parent-to-be resource book. After this, I'll be back to picture books (already building a stack of 'em).

From the day of discovering I was pregnant, I've turned to the world of books to help me on the journey. Between my own purchases and hand-me-downs of well-loved books from other mamas, I've amassed quite a library of mom-to-be titles.

Many are the typical monthly play-by-play of what's happening with mother and baby. Others are pure comic relief. The one book that I've highlighted and sticky-tabbed the most however, may be a bit of surprise.

The Peaceful Nursery (Bantam Dell, 2006) was written by home and lifestyle experts (and sisters) Laura Forbes Carlin and Alison Forbes. And its title doesn't do it justice for just how much it covers in the way of preparing for a baby.

The Peaceful Nursery starts with a "Life Design" exercise which turned out to be a great way to get me thinking and journal writing about what kind of life experience I want for me and my new family.

The book then flows into preparing your home using Feng Shui and space-clearing principles - like 12 steps to clearing clutter. It then shifts into preparing the child's room, paying close attention to comfort and safety, color, lighting and materials (the same tips can be applied to any room in the house). Important for all new parents, the book also covers how to create positive sleep environments - in both the nursery and the adult bedroom.

The last chapter in particular is one of my favorites. Here Carlin and Forbes offer suggestions on self-care, what to expect the first 40 days after delivery, and building a relationship with your new baby. As with every chapter, it closes with a section of helpful "Quick Tips."

Nice extras like what to pack for the hospital, positive affirmations to physically, mentally and spiritually prepare for parenthood, an introduction to the principles of Feng Shui, and a robust "Resources" section, have all kept this book near and dear to my heart.

And of course, I have to mention the photography featured in the book. All of the images are soothing and inspiring, and provide good visual reference for creating indeed a peaceful home and nursery.

I'm off to re-read the last chapter again with a nice cup of tea.


  1. So nice you can relax now and anticipate your little one! Another book I enjoyed after baby was born, was Trees Make the Best Mobiles: Simple Ways to Raise your Child in a Complex World. Lots of great new parenting books out now : )

  2. Since we bought at the market high we are "settled" into a very small home and expecting our fifth child. I am sure this book will have something to help me with it's soothing-sounding and DECLUTTERING principles. THANK YOU THANK YOU for choosing to post about this book!



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